Sunday, November 19, 2017

Highlights of "Wealth of waste" workshop!

Last week MU arranged "wealth from waste" workshop at Kido premises, Bangalore. Geetha Viswanathan presented useful simple teaching aids for teachers and parents in the company of Mrs Munira Akhtar.

Main goal was to demonstrate the techniques how to use this waste material. 

Highlights of workshop was using pencil scarping, cut vegetable seeds navdhanya and waste paper, rangoli dots and designs any other thing that we put in the dust bin can be converted in to useful teaching aids, in class room or in the house.

Teachers and parents learnt how to teach or help children to use this waste material in their playtime, craft activities and other creative ideas. 

It helps children and teens to bring their own creative talents and awareness for waste management.

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Mu conducted spoken English workshop!

After few months, It was a moment to meet Ballary students again. Initially it was practical orientation on Montessori Methods given by Munira Akhtar and Uma devi. After that they concluded this training by follow up sessions. In second stage students had to go through written exams and viva. So, last week it was the time to revise and learn some spoken English. Our English language expert traveled all the way to Ballary to train  these students for spoken English. Rehmat Merchant conducted Spoken English workshop for Ballary students.

Skola toys: Launch cum Expo!

Recently skola toys organised a launch cum exhibition in Bangalore. These toys are inspired by montessori principles of early child hood educaton. On this special occasion Munira Akhtar and Mridula shridhar spoke and told audience how these toys turn child's playtime into best learning time! 

Our 3 month practical orientation program started at Mangalore!

Our Senior Educator Mrs. Kaushi Lal started new batch in Millet preschool as we advertised earlier. This is a 3 month program which is going to cover various practical aspects of Montessori education. Above all this program explains, how we can make most out of it in our cultures?

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Online learning at its best!

Sequence pictures made by MU's online platform student. See how beautifully in our ask the expert sessions Ms. Veena grasped and presented language concepts so nicely. Ranga Priya S. presented basic concepts of mathematics in flow charts to make it easy from teaching perspective. In ask the expert sessions they are learning how to invent new materials, all kind of consultations as per their requirement to be a better educator and how to think out of the box to make bridge between present and future generations.

Life cycle of a frog

Sequence of brushing teeth 

Monday, September 11, 2017

Reaching out to spread Montessori wings and inculcate innovations!

Recently our founder Munira Akhtar conducted exams and gave her expert advice to Matha Montessori school teachers.  It was a visit planned to enable and share material innovations with their teachers and how to bring practical aspect to make our resources more useful for a brighter future of children. Matha Montessori koni school is in Kundapura. It is a coastal town in the Indian state of Karnataka. It is administered by the Kundapura Town Municipal Council and also serves as a headquarter of the Kundapura Taluk.